Brenda Eldridge

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If you want…

If you want to see

the pre-dawn sky

graced by visiting planets:

Venus   Jupiter   Mars   Mercury

fading so quickly

in the warm apricot colours

heralding the rising sun

you do have to get out of bed

 before your usual time


And really is that such a hardship?


If you want to swim in aqua sea

being embraced by big

rolling waves silvered by sunlight

as they turn

sending up rainbow filled sprindrift

then you may have to cycle

several kilometres after breakfast

before the busy day starts


But the things you have seen and done

have a way of staying with you

protecting you from short tempers

in the supermarket

or impatient drivers on the road…


They can stop you being like that too

© Brenda Eldridge 2015


Tricked Again


Dreaming my way across the dunes

revelling in the solitude

the freshness of early morning

and few people on the beach

my attention was caught…


I knew it was a stump not a snake

but I loved the ‘eye’

that seemed to be issuing a warning

and rightly so

because as the days get hotter

no doubt the black snakes will appear

and make sure I keep safe distance

after all it is their home

not mine

©Brenda Eldridge 2015



Oh! that I could capture the fragrance

which dances on the air

as lightly as the blossoms

sway in the breeze!


I know from experience

if I pluck them

they will quickly droop and fade –

not for them a few days

in an elegant crystal vase

gifting their beauty to our tranquil home


So I pause beneath the tree

being squawked at by rainbow lorikeets

while soaking up this delicate perfume

to take with me

into the rest of the day

© Brenda Eldridge 2015


An unexpected gift

as I walked into the garden

just after six in the morning


The tiny sickle moon

upturned slightly like a cupped hand

and resting close

as if ready to settle safely


enormous   brilliant


Of course I dashed to get the camera

took a dozen shots

some decidedly shaky

then a technical problem

and I lost the lot


In my mind I can still see

nature’s harmony

and who knows

perhaps next month

they will be together like that again…

© Brenda Eldridge 2015

Feeding Frenzy


lnto the silence outside the window

three pelicans splashed loudly

and when I looked

there were   ducks   shags   cormorants

terns   silver   gulls   two dolphins

all scrabbling to feast on a passing shoal


As suddenly as it began it went quiet

the pelicans are exchanging tall stories

about the one that got away

the birds are circling overhead

no sign of the dolphins

but there is an air of watchfulness…

© Brenda Eldridge 2015



The rocks that keep the tidal reach

within safe boundaries

were all placed by machinery

guided by a keen eye

and time and tide

have weathered them to look

not totally unnatural


Overnight something new appeared


A totem perhaps

by an artist with a steady hand

rocks balanced one on the other

with a beautiful symmetry

in harmony with their surrounds

© Brenda Eldridge 2015

Night Lights

The city at night

was a flickering   flashing

maelstrom of lights


At ground level

yellow-white headlights

red tail lights

of cars all in a hurry

to be somewhere


A little higher

traffic lights like soldiers on guard duty

uniform in their pattern

red   green   amber   red   green   amber

in sync with the little

stationary red man

the walking green man


Higher again

on the sides of tall dark office blocks

neon signs in brilliant

blue   purple   yellow   red

drew an unsuspecting eye upward


And there beyond all the fuss

the moon

just past the full

still low enough in the sky

to be more gold than silver

as if suspended in the heavens

silent and mysterious

© Brenda Eldridge 2015